The Solid State.

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          Digital Music was first performed on Sesami Street by ONE musician and still is.  Another name for this is, Electronic Music Composition, where electronically, a trained Professional, takes & writes all the musical parts  of an Orchestra, added to the parts played on stage and putting it together with sophisticated Software, and turns it into a united performance musically.  No longer do you see full orchestra's on Broadway, Las Vegas Main Stages and many Pop Concerts, and Movies.  Imagine the expense of seeing a performance if this cost cutting method was not developed? 

          Years of musical experience and education is needed in order to develope a near perfect Sound Design of a full Orchestra with this sophisticated and expensive Hardware and Software, which some cannot be even bought here in the United States. 

          The sophisticated sampling of every instrument(1800 instrument samplings), including 25 different sounding drum sets, has created a realism of sounds and allowed methods of modifying these sounds into a unique live performing composition, producing the actual sounds that are in a recording but also enables an arranger to express his musical thoughts for a song, without having to pay for expensive rehearsal  and performance time.  Every note is written, than transferred by special Stage Piano's and Midi Software to very expensive Sound Modules, that most musicians don't want to spend the money nor put in the many hours it takes for developing a full orchestrated arrangement, (which takes years of experience)and played and reproduced as a real musician would have to do.  THIS IS NOT KARAOKE!  Thats just a recording put to a Disk.  Digital Music, there has to be at least one or two Keyboard Player's playing and keeping everything together for that real live sound.  The sound difference is night and day!  So sit and enjoy the 1800 sounds and original arrangements by John Natoli, the Arranger and Producer of these classic “One of a Kind Shows,” and his wife Sue, who together have perormed over 4,000 shows with such stars as Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Engelbert Humperdinck, Natalie Cole, Al Martino, Rodney Dangerfield, Jay Leno, Billy Crystal, Jackie Chan, Red Skelton and hundreds more, and see why the famous VARIETY MAGAZINE said, “Sue is a super star and John ringleads with charm, and the music is outstanding, a must see Show.

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