Lighting & Video Affects

Room Rental ONLY up to 200 people.  $5pp over 200..

Friday $1700/6pm to1am Saturday 11am to 5pm.   $1200     Saturday Night 6pm $2900 7 hours or 7pm to 2am ​$2500      Sun 7 hours$1700.                             Call 407-347-9914 for details.

​                   8,000 Square Feet Ballroom


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DJ 4 Hours

"Large Dance Floor".

Centrally Located!

Sweet Table.

Call  407-347-5761 or 407-347-9914

Friday and Sunday Packages

 Solid State

Free Parking

Extras without the Cost!

Choice Of Table Linen Color


Includes: Tables & Chairs,Chair covers, House Table       Cloths, Sound & Lights, Bar & Parking Staff.

 Music Sample Live Of Ceremony of Introduction Of Bridal Party Down Isle. 

Celebrate Your Day In Understated Elegance!

Making a Dream Weddings Affordable!

"Newly Renovated"

Venetian Hour

"Simply The Best

   Sound & Lights".


Cocktail Hour.

"Forever Starts Here"

Wedding Package.

Making Sure All The Details Come Together

100 to 300 people

Why We Developed This Wedding Package:  We wanted to separate ourselves from the Status Quo.  We realize we are not for everyone!  But for those who want to be practical, recognizes value and end up with same results for your wedding as you would if you had spent Thousands of Dollars More, by incorporating the absolutes for a successful Wedding Reception.  Free Valet Parking(so your guests don't have to pay or walk a long distance)Elegant Décor(you don't have to pay extra for that elegant atmosphere)Spaciousness(comfort you don't get at smaller places for your guests and yet have that intimate feeling for larger crowds), Three Course Meal(no waste, "the meat and potatoes as they say," keeps cost down and consistent quality), In House DJ(all DJs play the songs you want, but not in a room that created the best sound and lighting in Central Florida.   We feel his 4 hours is one of the most important parts of your Wedding Reception).  Champagne Toast,  (At no Extra Cost) Wedding Coordinator(many years of experience of how to run your wedding without a hitch)St. Augustine Cruise(a thank you from us for booking your wedding up to 6 people).

Showcasewg LLC                 

        2 Entree's & 2 sides Buffet

​              Salad & Bread


​​​"You Owe It To Yourself To Come & See".